We offer transportation services to more than 220 destinations, leveraging our relationships with international partners and our offices in the world’s leading business centers. We offer a wide range of international shipping solutions for individuals and businesses, from time-sensitive options that prioritize speed to more cost-effective deliveries that optimize speed and costs.

Express delivery

with end-to-end tracking from pickup to deliveryPremium Express is ideal for important and urgent documents and packages, ensuring you get them delivered on time. We also use modern tracking technology to provide you .

express priority

If you’re looking for fast, cost-effective international shipping, our Priority Express solution is your best choice. Although this service does not come with a fixed duration guarantee like premium services, it is a more affordable option that offers the best balance of speed and cost.

corporate social responsibility

A carbon footprint is defined as the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions caused by an organization, event, product or person. As a member of the transportation industry, we cannot say that we leave no footprint, but we strive to reduce it through regular inspections such as emissions testing, proper maintenance of vehicles by authorized manufacturers and judicious actions in managing carbon emissions. Emissions from our vehicles.

We are also committed to planting trees in and around our work areas to help improve the environment and benefit the community.

We are the largest express parcel operator in India